About us

The PassportScan group & family

With a strong focus on hospitality industry, we have grown our product-family in more than 15 years with one vision in mind:

We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and understand the trends of the market. Therefore, we are able to deliver unique solutions to businesses involved with ID scanning and management. This involves hotels, casinos, banking, insurances, money transfers, SIM card applications, car hire applications and many more.

Thank you for trusting us for so many years and helping us to develop and evolve our services and products.

Our products

- PassportScan

The bridge between scanners, interfaces and PMSs.

- Dynamic Form Fill

Our basic plug-in to connect different interfaces and exchange data.


Our past and present and our plans for the future

In 1996 we released our first commercial product, Galaxy Hotel, an easy-to-use Property Management System. Then in 2006, during a demonstration, we were asked for a way to read and insert guests' identification details automatically - pure science fiction at that time.

The very same day, we started our research finding an highly sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR)able to read any kind of images and identify letters and text, that led to the first, simple plug-in for Galaxy Hotel.But why not extend it to all PMS?

Later we started to develop what we called DFF©, Dynamic Form Fill. This involved a unique piece of software, able to transfer data between scanners and management systems, transferring them to the appropriate input fields. Many more features were added step-by-step.

In 2008 we founded PassportScan Ldt. in London. During a tourism exhibition, we showed its seamless integration into micros-fidelio©, Oracle© today, which stunned their representatives. Invitations and presentations to PMS manufacturers around the globe followed.

This success changed the market of digital check-in solutions: Today, hotel-chains and developers are creating special plug-in and integration-support for PassportScan and DFF. More than 4,500 companies are already using it in their hotels and facilities, while we constantly improve and extend its functionality.